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The Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market opened June 5, 2011 as the world's largest fully-enclosed, fully-refrigerated wholesale produce terminal. The facility's main building is one-quarter of a mile long and 686,000 square feet — bigger than 14 football fields!

Its most distinguishing operational benefit is cold-chain protection for our fresh fruits and vegetables. This assures freshness, food safety, quality and maximizes shelf life. From a visual point of view, Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market's (PWPM) most remarkable feature is the central concourse, which runs the length of the building. An enormous skylight warms this brilliantly colorful, clean and safe shopping area! Like the Grand Canyon, the vastness of this huge concourse must be seen to be appreciated.

PWPM is open to the public. For a nominal fee, anyone is welcome to enter and purchase produce by the carton from the market’s 24 independent produce distributors. Our merchants carry a full line of fruits and vegetables and serve all types of foodservice and grocery businesses.

Customers range from Florida to Canada. Most come from within a 150-mile radius of Philadelphia.

PWPM receives and sells hundreds of truckloads of fresh produce on a weekly basis, leading to cumulative annual sales of one billion dollars.

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Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market   |   6700 Essington Ave   |   Philadelphia, PA 19153   |   Email: info@pwpm.net   |   Phone: (215) 336-3003